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The Applied Bible Institute of New Jersey

The Vision and Mission of the Applied Bible Institute

There is a strong commitment in evangelical Christianity to encourage individuals to increase in understanding for the advancement of the kingdom of God.  The Church recognizes that impacting the world of lost people calls for trained and prepared disciples.  In the light of the growing demands and opportunities for ministry, it is appropriate for believers to invest the time and energy to become equipped with the knowledge and skills for ministry.  It is likewise appropriate that churches take advantage of the opportunity to join in encouraging believers to share together and build up each other in expanding the ministry of the kingdom of God.

The Applied Bible Institute is intended to nurture individuals who desire to grow in their personal understanding of God and His Word and works in such a way that they can live effective lives of service to the glory of God in all of life. The ministry of the Bible Institute is directed toward two groups, local churches and individuals, Christians or non-Christians, in the local community.

The Applied Bible Institute assists local churches to increase their ministry by becoming a resource in which churches can share gifted teachers who can instruct and encourage Christians in ways that they can work more effectively in their home church for the kingdom of God.  The training provided through the Applied Bible Institute will bring life change to individuals and increase the level of literacy and training for ministry in the local churches. Foundation for the diverse ministries of the church will be strengthened as individuals grow in their knowledge and understanding God and His works.

The Applied Bible Institute assists individual Christians and non-Christians pursue personal understanding of Christianity from gifted and knowledgeable instructors.  Christians have the opportunity to pursue a course of study designed to encourage personal growth and a deepening of spiritual life that leads to service.  The Applied Bible Institute offers individuals a structure to lay a foundation in biblical studies that attempts to transform life.  Non-Christians find an environment allowing individuals to investigate the truth of Christianity in a context focusing on the content of Christian faith and truth as a living reality in our society.

In openness to the direction of God, the Cumberland County Community Church extends its ministry supporting the Applied Bible Institute as resource available to individuals from the Christian community interested in increasing their understanding of Christianity.  The Applied Bible Institute serves as a resource for the local churches in Cumberland County in equipping leaders for ministry and life under the Word of God.

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